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Do you have any clue how much I love you? It’s an absurd, stupid, ridiculous, inappropriate amount of love. It makes no sense. There is no precursor or understanding for it. It’s fucked. Completely fucked.

I don’t know if it’s the idea of you. Or maybe the pure impossibility of you; I mean it’s a lost cause. Case closed...

So how do I get over something like that? How do I say it’s bad for me, and move on; creating an amnesia-like ignorance towards the most impulsive, intuitive, HUMAN part of myself?

I have to. I must. There is no other option. Sooner or later, I will always find something or someone that can

temporarily distract my mind from the

continuous cycle of you.

Numb the pain, for a few moments of

life, anyways...

But just like the seasons, my heart will

always come back to you. You are

winter, and I’ve been in a blizzard for

seven years.

It’s time to pack my bags and move somewhere warm.

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